giggles are good

As I sit here today the electrician still hasn’t appeared.  He called–wow!!!–and said, “Maybe Monday”.

I won’t hold my breath.

The Disaster Recovery company is coming on Monday to rip out my kitchen floor, take out my sink and cabinet and dishwasher and stove.  They are going to install large fans to dry out the flooring underneath and treat everything for mold.

Some time in January someone will come and repair everything and put in a new floor.

In the meantime I continue to wash dishes in the bathroom sink.

Speaking of the bathroom, the water bulge on the ceiling over the shower has become more and more mysterious.  Our roofer is here now trying to figure out what is going on.  We have soaked insulation and a moldy ceiling, so all of that will have to be removed and replaced.  But probably not until we find someone to do the job–in January.

I love the roofer.

So here are some funny tiles I spotted while shopping with Mom Wednesday.  I took her to lunch about 40 minutes away, to Denny’s Diner.  She absolutely loved it.  Quiet and warm, with such nice wait staff, it was the perfect place for her for lunch.  Their handicapped access was wonderful, too.

We had turkey dinners.  Love that comfort food!

For a smile…




And a personal favorite…


Banjo Man needs another flashlight.  Wish us luck!


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