let there be white

We now have white ceilings. This is momentous, folks. If you’ve ever painted a ceiling or hired it done, you know that nothing is whiter or cleaner or more beautiful.

Even on a gray, rainy morning it still looks radiantly white.
Sofa Mountain.

Yesterday was another busy “let’s get this stuff picked out once and for all” kind of day. We would hit the road early, head north to Stone Depot, stare at large slabs of overpriced rock and find a cheap place to eat lunch.

And then Banjo Man realized he had no access to his upstairs closet. It was taped off. Other than the crummy work pants he was wearing, he had no pants.

Now I’ve spent two years dealing with my ancient mother’s demands and complaints regarding pants. She never thinks she has any…or they are too big…or too small…or the wrong color…etc. Sometimes I order pants online. Sometimes my sister-in-law does (as she has spent several summers listening to the Pants Complaints). Most of the time they have to be shipped back to whatever store they came from. I have taken my mother to Macy’s and to Kohl’s and to Penny’s to search for the elusive pair of perfect pants. Whenever she stares at me and declares, “I need pants” chills run down my spine and my soul shrivels.

Not. Kidding.

So for Banjo Man to need pants? It was a bit unsettling. But I had a Kohl’s coupon and there was an early bird sale going on. I didn’t whine, not even in my head. (Well, maybe I whined in my head a little.)

But first we would stop at the local tile store and see what products they had. Banjo Man was worn down and tired of hearing about my Counter Quest. He was at the weary “buy whatever you want and to hell with the cost” part of the shopping process.

They had a great selection, so we picked out a marble quartz with golden tan swirls, a chocolate brown solid quartz and, after searching through an entire ring of Formica samples, found the one we thought solved our problems: Cocoa Leather. I gave them the measurements of my kitchen and they promised to provide estimates next week.

The store served coffee and muffins, which was welcome. We decided there was no need to go north. Instead we would wait for the estimated costs of our three choices and then decide.

So we bought pants. And went out to lunch. We congratulated ourselves on finding an acceptable and affordable laminate product for the new kitchen. We talked about how beautiful it would be and how perfect it was. And then, returning to the car, we realized we’d forgotten that we had to buy an exhaust fan for over the eventual gas range. It would be installed along with the cabinets this week. So thirty minutes later we were in an appliance store discussing fan suckability and noise-while-sucking.

Very educational. We ordered the fancy one with all the power because I intend to grill a lot of steaks on my new gas griddle element.

By 4:30 I was back in the basement looking up Cocoa Leather–only to discover it had been discontinued.

A pox on Formica!! How could they do this to me!!!

Oh, sure, there are some other choices. But not as good. Not even close to being second best. I may return to solid white and then go crazy with an epic back splash. I just sent away for two more Formica samples, Dark Chocolate in both matte and gloss finishes. I like the idea of the dark wood floors, white cabinets and a lovely darkish brown counter. The Cambria quartz I liked is called “Hazelford”. Tiny black flecks keep it interesting. I’m sure it’s going to cost a small fortune, which I am not going to pay.

So enough babbling here on the blog. It’s raining hard and we’re heading out to hear some bluegrass music tonight.

I’m going to drink a little tequila and celebrate my white ceilings.

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  1. Marjorie Fridrich says:

    Much empathy sent. 🌹

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