size matters

Yes, indeed. When you expect 36″ high cabinets and the order was mistakenly sent (by the know-it-all kitchen designer from the local cabinet store) for 30″ cabinets, a wrench is thrown in the remodel schedule.

They’d installed two cabinets before the contractor, fortunately arriving at just the right time to check on things, and I caught the mistake.

So we’re now behind a week. Fortunately the crew of so-sweet young men are installing the lower cabinets and seem unfazed by the change in plans.

Nels, second-in-command, brought me two enormous rings of laminate samples for the counter. I am drowning in them, having sent away for samples from Formica and Wilsonart seven times. I have decided not to decide for a while. Not until the floors are in.

Deciding not to decide is very restful. I wonder what other things in my life I can decide not to decide.

My fallback choice is Colorcore 2 New White. In case I have a total breakdown between now and the time Nels needs an answer, Banjo Man has permission to order white without getting in trouble when I recover my mind and begin to function again.

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