what’s on tv

I can’t believe there’s a second season of TIN STAR, but we’re excited to start watching it.

Season 1 was absolutely thrilling. Yes, it is a violent show. BUT the characters are great. While dealing with overwhelming grief, the women in the show become strong and the men descend into various forms of crazy.

I think we’ll start season 2 this weekend, as we have zero plans to do anything. I can’t wait to start watching.

Season 4 of OUTLANDER–Brave The New World–has been disappointing. Banjo Man threatened to stop watching after the first episode. Jamie and Claire were shipwrecked on the shores of North Carolina and are now making a home–a little cabin in the woods–in 1768 and continue to battle the evil British. Without the Scottish settings of the previous three seasons, this series is not so appealing. Truthfully? I’m tired of this couple. We have a few more episodes to watch, so hopefully it will get better. I don’t want to pay for STARZ any longer than we have to, so we’re going to finish up the series asap.

THE BACHELOR season is finally over, thank God. Watching Colton fall in love was exhausting and cringe-worthy. But THE BACHELORETTE starts filming this week and guess what? They’re filming in Newport, RI for four days starting next Thursday and I am definitely going to drive over and see if I can spot anything happening in any of the tourist spots.

Banjo Man is enjoying this season of SURVIVOR more than I am. It usually takes me a while to warm up to the players and I still haven’t picked my favorites.

Another favorite of Banjo Man’s that started this week is MASTER CHEF JUNIOR, the cooking competition for children. It’s cute, but some of the children are arrogant and annoying. Others are adorable and sweet. You have to be in the mood.

to be continued….

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