a weekend, a wall and strawberries with the little ones

Seen in Home Depot. Obviously he didn’t want to walk. I know the feeling.

Because our replacement cabinets have yet to arrive, the remodel crew has gone elsewhere to work (as of last Thursday). So someone out there is having their remodel start earlier than they’d anticipated. I hope they celebrated their good fortune.

Supposedly the wrong cabinets are being removed from our living room today and the right cabinets are to be delivered, but I’m not holding my breath.

In the meantime, we decided to scrap plans for a custom-built closet (we’re tired of projects and carpenters) and fix this wall ourselves, at least temporarily.

I’ve been begging Banjo Man for years to let me finish this drywall job. I have the tape, I have the mud and I am ready! But he refused, saying it was only “temporary” (for 15 years???). So I kept suggesting we just paint it. At least make it less ugly.

Saturday he FINALLY agreed, so I raced to Home Depot (is there any other place I go??) to buy more Silver Bullet paint before he changed his mind.

And then we went over to Sammy’s house for dinner. The appetizers? Chocolate dipped strawberries!

DIY treats.

Sammy’s little sister likes strawberries, too.

I brought a pan of chicken enchiladas and we played cards and partied. A pretty darn good Saturday night!

Sunday morning we saw this on our steps:

A new Keurig to match the new counter.

I’ve bought three Keurigs in the past, but they were purchased at Staples and built for commercial/office use. Meaning they have more metal parts and less plastic parts. This lovely new “sand” Keurig is almost completely plastic.

I am not impressed. Maybe it doesn’t make any difference to how the thing operates, but despite its gorgeous color it looks like it could fall apart easily. It might be going back. I have to think about it.

As of Sunday afternoon (and a few hours of some Texas music on the cd player), the wall had two coats of paint. How I wish I could have taped those seams!!!!!

A painted wall, with plastic ceiling-cover and useless wires removed.

We’ve ordered a wire shelf unit for guests’ clothes and after that arrives? We’re done.

Tomorrow there’s a rumor–how I hope it’s true!–that the flooring is going to be installed. I’m guessing that’s going to take about 3 days. After that we can have the new range delivered and then have the kitchen officially measured for the counter. Then we wait a couple of weeks for the creation and installation.

I came across this picture of the future back splash tile with a tiny square of the future counter. I must have taken it at Lowe’s last week, at the end of the three hour siege.

In the meantime, we are cheerful and cozy here in our little basement apartment. Banjo Man even made Thai chicken on Friday. We finished the last of it last night while watching yet another episode of OUTLANDER, season four. By the way, the series has gotten better and is holding our interest (meaning “keeping us from falling asleep”) until bedtime.

Enjoy your Monday, everyone! I’m off to clean bathrooms and buy shelf liner for those new cabinets that are sure to arrive any day now…

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