See this?

It won’t look like this by the end of the day, because the flooring guys just arrived! I had just about given up hope and was starting to get grumpy. And here they are.

They are a grumpy crew themselves. I don’t imagine they relished the hour+ drive down here to the country, but I sure was happy to see them. I hovered upstairs as I waited to make sure the floor was the right brand and color. Them bringing the wrong flooring has been the stuff of nightmares, I confess.

So the sawing and drilling and banging have begun over my head, but those are the sounds of progress. I am in the cozy basement listening to bluegrass and folk music on Pandora.

We’re going to Taco Tuesday tonight at a local restaurant. $7 taco specials and half-price margaritas. What’s not to love?

I wonder if I’ll ever cook again…

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