life in the basement continues

Banjo Man and I realized this morning that we have been living in the basement for two weeks.

It doesn’t feel that long. The fact is that the basement has the best shower and the biggest bed of any in the house. I brought the HD box from upstairs, so the tv -watching has not been affected. We have plenty of meals in the freezer and have also been going out to eat once in a while, so we are not suffering in the least.

In fact, Banjo Man is wondering why we need such a big house when we are so content living in our three-room suite. We have a studio apartment, a bathroom and an office down here. I pointed out that we cannot cook and cannot entertain, which I hope put a stop to any speculation about living here permanently.

This quilt finally found a home.

Eventually–if I wait long enough–my wild quilts land in the right places. This quilt was a particular favorite, as I made it from a Kaffe Fassett pattern and used the same (or almost the same) fabrics. I wanted to study his color and pattern choices so I could understand how to put fabrics together in pleasing ways. It was my own little class on how to use color successfully and it was quite an eye-opener.

Happy Spring, everyone!

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