oh, happy monday!

I was all set to whine today. This blog post was going to describe my frustration at needing “one more day” of the work crew in order to finish the rooms upstairs so we could move our furniture and clothes back into place. And not knowing when that “one day” would be. This week? Next week? Should I fly down to Texas for a few days before I self-implode?

On Saturday Nelson, the adorable finish carpenter, said he didn’t know when he would return or when anyone else would.

I was crushed. Then I thought they must be waiting for the three replacement cabinet doors (three had arrived defective, damn it) before they returned to finish it all up.

Saturday morning.

The pantries and the closets all needed their baseboard trim either replaced or put back into place. The new baseboard needed its nail holes covered and repainted. It would be lovely when finished, but the magic word is “finished”. Because then and only then could I wash the new vinyl plank floors and put the furniture back into place as I wait for the kitchen counter and all the rest of the stuff that has to be done before I am cooking again.

I will confess to a cranky Sunday. I even ate two ice cream bars, but the topic of ice cream bars is another story.

So imagine my shock and awe when at 7 AM the construction van drove up. Banjo Man and I were still in bed–I was recounting my dream (driving around town with a giant, live tree planted and growing in my car)–when the guys arrived.

Oh, joy!

Saturday night.

Please do me a favor and take a moment and admire the bronze knobs and pulls on the cabinets and drawers. Choosing these only took 217 hours of my life that I will never get back. They have an interesting pattern that will complement the future tiled back splash. I had to go up to Lowe’s twice because somewhere in the process knob #19 disappeared from the face of the earth and I had to buy another one.

I have a few things to say about Lowe’s but, like the ice cream bars, that will have to wait for another time.

So this morning as I sit here at my makeshift desk and drink coffee I am listening to the lovely sounds of sawing and banging and hammering from “the boys” upstairs.

We are thrilled.

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1 Response to oh, happy monday!

  1. Tom says:

    What a beautiful kitchen!

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