go ahead, light up my life

I ordered the most beautiful, odd, gorgeous chandelier from Wayfair.com last month. The whole lamp-ordering thing made me more than a little nervous. What if I ordered the wrong thing and had to live with it until I died? What if I hated it and I had to look at it every freakin’ day?

My friend Ruth heard me stressing over this and said, “Just buy what you love and it will be fine. Who cares if it matches anything?”

Well, I took her advice. I loved this darn chandelier and it was in the “bronze family”, which meant it wouldn’t clash with the light over the dining room table. I wanted “bling”. I wanted “fancy”. I wanted something…different.

I opened the box yesterday morning and saw the pretty frame. Underneath was a box containing 178 glass balls, a bag of u-shaped wire thingies and various other pieces only an electrician could identify. The directions said to insert one end of the wire into the glass ball and bend it, then insert the other end into the little hole in the frame and twist.

It took me almost all day. At first I sat on the floor. Then I moved the whole process to a table. It’s a good thing I like intense craft projects, because this one was a challenge. Banjo Man gave me his needle nose pliers and I positioned a couple of lights so I could see what I was doing.

One-hundred and seventy glass balls were individually wired onto the lighting fixture. It’s quite impressive. Banjo Man keeps staring at the finished product and muttering, “What the hell is that going to look like when there are lights in it?”

We are definitely going to need to put this on a dimmer, because we’re going to sparkle.

I am also going to buy one heck of a feather duster.

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