a turtle or a cutting board?

Saturday I went off to buy another cabinet knob at Lowe’s and search the secondhand stores for a small bookcase for the living room. I also looked for interesting copper pieces to tone down my bright white kitchen and bring out the color of the floor.

Hopefully. It’s just a theory right now.

But in the search for a little bookcase, I came across this chunk of wood that was described as a cutting board.

It has the cutest legs. Not that a turtle has actual legs, but still…
Banjo Man calls it an Aztec turtle, because it’s hand carved and looks primitive.

We’ve agreed it is something that son Will would have bought if he’d seen it first, so maybe he’ll get it for Christmas.

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3 Responses to a turtle or a cutting board?

  1. Patricia Coughlin says:

    That’s a great find! It would be a perfect serving piece for a cheese/fruit/crackers spread.

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