keeping busy between naps

Yesterday I started sewing 480 squares onto 240 peach rectangles. Normally this kind of sewing would have me itching with boredom, but this is the last step in a 2017 Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. It’s going to take a while to finish these.

Before the surgery I made sure I cut out every little piece of fabric because I wasn’t sure how long it would take my arm to be in shape for rotary cutting.

That was a good decision.

The basic blocks. There are 30 of them.

Now I will confess that prescription medication contributed to my calm, Zen-like sewing state, but hey–whatever works, right?

These colors are interesting. I used Bonnie Hunter’s color suggestions and that has created a cheerful quilt. I’m not an “orange” person, but I do love the browns and the neutrals. Some day someone will love it, I hope, and it will find a good home.

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3 Responses to keeping busy between naps

  1. Ruth Gobeille says:

    Your blog made me smile! It’s so great that you are sewing! YAY! And, yes, it is a cheerful quilt.
    Happy Summer Solstice!

  2. Phyllis Nolan says:

    So glad you have projects…I reorganized all my recipes and am still enjoying the fruits of those labors. You are blessed with friends and family, but in the end, only you know how you feel and what you can do. It sounds like you are going through all the normal emotions. Please take heart. Love to you and Banjo Man.

  3. Marjorie Fridrich says:

    I was going to send you a coloring book (seriously) but I suspect, like Glen’s and my mother, you probably want nothing to do with certain ways of spending time.

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