do i need a geek?

Between episodes of “Wicked Tuna” and “Below Deck” (yes, I am addicted to reality tv and in a few months I’ll probably need an intervention, but until then I dare you to try to pry my old crooked fingers from the remote) I stopped to watch someone on a shopping network cook meals in this “Geek Chef 11-in-1” pressure cooker.

Banjo Man had just come upstairs to check on me and he was also fascinated. You see, Banjo Man loves to cook but his work schedule means that if he has decided to cook something for dinner, he doesn’t start until after 6 and we don’t end up eating until 7:30. This is not a good thing, despite his good intentions and adventurous online recipes.

We think we’ve found the answer. Chicken breasts cook in 20 minutes. Salmon even faster. And it’s easy to clean.

We were both mesmerized by all the possibilities. Plus the fact that this is something I can hopefully manage myself without risking burns (that’s an issue that has yet to be resolved so I’m staying away from my lovely new stove for the next few months).

So, my question is: do any of you own one of these? Love it or hate it? Used it once or ten times?

I’d like to hear your thoughts before I send Banjo Man to Walmart to get one.


Yesterday’s blog post came straight from the heart and I really appreciate the support you sent afterwards. I don’t know how else to blog about what we’re going through except by being truthful.

I still don’t know how to decide what is “too much information” and what my friends and family need to understand. But I do hate the drama of it all.

So…I cannot talk on the phone because if I hear a loving voice I totally lose it. And that is very hard on me. So forgive me if you’ve called and had to leave a message. I know you care, I really do, but if I answered all you would get is a weeping mess and I would find that very embarrassing. Text and email all you can. I love the connection. I love the cards. I love to know that you are thinking of me. It means so much. And I shed private tears of gratitude every time you reach out.

It means so much to Banjo Man, too. I cannot say that enough.

Yesterday Amy, the lovely nurse practitioner up in Providence, supplied me with tissues and let me cry. I appreciated that, because I’d started crying the minute I entered the exam room and there was no way to stop. I am so easily overwhelmed. And I had a lot of fears. She listened and asked questions and came to the conclusion that I was not taking enough prescription pain medication. I was also suffering from anxiety (first time in my life) but she said it was totally justified after everything that had happened in such a short period of time. She gave me medication to reduce anxiety so that I could sleep at night. She recommended I see a therapist and gave me the name of a phone app for meditation. All good suggestions. She also thought that the botched surgery and aspiration disaster was the major source of the anxiety, which made perfect sense to me because that’s when my attitude changed and I turned into someone half-crazed and pessimistic and pissed off.

And then she pulled the drains out. OMG. The pain of that was totally worth it. Those suckers were huge.

That’s when I started crying from relief. Amy reassured me that everything looked fine and nothing was going wrong. It all looked perfect, she said. I decided to believe her.

So thirty minutes later the Percocet had kicked in, I’d stopped crying and things were looking up. We stopped at Dave’s, a local market, because they had beef tenderloins for sale and we wanted some for a family dinner next week. Then we went next door to Subway and I treated myself to a Spicy Italian sub which was the best sandwich I’d ever tasted in my life.

Seriously. It was. I ate it all the way home.

My appetite has been strange and unpredictable, especially since the surgery. But that sandwich came at the perfect time. With the drains no longer hurting every time I moved, the pain pill working its magic and the emotional release of a few thousand tears, I was experiencing Serious Subway Joy.

Banjo Man thought it was hilarious.

And I felt a little more like myself. And that was encouraging.

I send my love to you all.

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4 Responses to do i need a geek?

  1. Connie Burkhart says:

    We gave one to JP for Christmas. He loves it. I think Glen would also love it.

  2. Amber says:

    💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 We are counting down the days! Can’t wait to see you and give you hugs (and vodka-if needed)! P.S. Just admitted my secret addiction to 90 Day Fiance to Ben. 😂 It’s
    s a total train wreck that you can’t look away from!

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