whales, penguins and pasta


Yesterday we all piled in the car and headed south to Mystic, CT to the aquarium.  So much fun!!!

Banjo Man was particularly taken with the African penguins.  We could barely tear him away from watching the little guys.

The Funny Grandson loved it all, though he drew the line at petting the sting rays, which I’m sure don’t sting, but no one could convince him.

After a good time in the gift shop, we headed to Groton to a restaurant on the water called “Paul’s Pasta”.  It’s an old house on the Thames River where they make their own pasta fresh every day.  Every bite is delicious.


Pasta makes us happy.

Check out the FG.  He absolutely loved Paul’s version of pizza.


The chef gave him free cookies to take home.

We all agreed to order the large-sized meals and take half of our lunch home with us for dinner, but no one was all that hungry by dinnertime.  So tonight is when we’ll heat up our leftovers and enjoy them all over again.

Despite what you see on the blog, I really am resting a lot.  It just about kills me not to be cooking meals and organizing food for everyone, but I haven’t lifted a finger (much to my frustration and everyone else’s relief).  I take a nap every afternoon and in the evenings we all sit around the table and play UNO.  We’ve walked on the beach a couple of times after dinner, but I have learned to pace myself as far as outside activities go.  It doesn’t take much to wear me out.

I’ve started physical therapy in Providence due to something that happens once in a while after surgery called “cording”.  It has to do with trauma to the lymph nodes under the arm.  Cording is painful, I’m not gonna lie, but the therapy involved is pretty awful, too.  Everyone assures me it can be fixed and I will feel better, but I’m still waiting.

I also do daily stretches to regain the full range of motion in my arm.  Combine that with the cording pain and you have one cranky woman.  But I try really hard to hide it.

Tomorrow will be three weeks since the surgery and I thought I would feel a hell of a lot better by now.  Banjo Man says I’m making great progress, but I definitely don’t think progress is happening fast enough.  I long to feel like myself again, but with chemo looming on the horizon–and radiation after that–it’s going to take a long time.  And that makes me sad.



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2 Responses to whales, penguins and pasta

  1. Marge Fridrich says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ruth Gobeille says:

    Dear Pie,

    It makes me sad too…that you are going through all of this. But…it makes me happy when you use a phrase like “a long time”…because that means you are here, with us, and not the alternative. I am thankful every day that your cancer was discovered in time to attack it. That you are still here writing your wonderful blog and loving your beautiful family.

    Happy Fourth!

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