august first, oh happy day

It’s very odd to be celebrating the first day of August.

For the past ten years, the beginning of this month meant that I would be returning home to Rhode Island in three weeks, five weeks, six weeks…and, eventually, two months.  For the past three years, August 1st marked the halfway point of my time at the lake.  I was never all that thrilled with August 1st.

I would then try to cram in as much fun as I could every single day.  My calendar was oh-so-happily filled.

So it is strange to be so happy that August is here and summer is half over.   Bring on September, please!  I need to say goodbye to humidity and the pain it brings.  I want chilly air and pumpkins.  I need radiation to end and college football to begin.  Oh, how I need college football Saturdays!


Speaking of chili, I wonder if Banjo Man remembers last Opening Day when he criticized my chili and I told him that I would never make it again and he could make it himself for the rest of his life?

I shall keep you posted.



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