a birthday for banjo man

The mystery gift was a hit!


This is a ZVOX AV155 AccuVoice TV soundbar with 6-level “dialogue booster”.  The “booster” part is the important thing:  it lifts the dialogue louder than the background noise.

Here’s what the description on HSN said:

“ZVOX AV155 AccuVoice TV Soundbar w/6 Level Dialogue Boost and Remote.  Hear every word clearly. This AccuVoice soundbar uses six levels of dialogue boost to make voices clear, even at low volumes — you can actually tailor the sound to match your ears. With three full-range speakers, this soundbar uses hearing-aid technology to isolate voices and amplify them above background noise for greater clarity. It even lowers the volume of loud commercials. One-plug connectivity makes setup a breeze, and you can connect a second audio source, like your smartphone, to listen to music. It’s TV the way you want to hear it.”

And it works!  My husband was amazed and thrilled.  Shock and awe, people!

We celebrated with a strawberry shortcake cake with daughter Nancy and later on watched the finale of “The Bachelorette”.


Yesterday was a busy–and  hot–day.  We’re in the middle of another little heat wave (hey, it’s summer!!) and my first trip to the city for the radiation program started.  It was only a trial run, plus a bunch of x-rays, but I met the staff who will be treating me for the next month and learned the ins and outs of dressing rooms, waiting rooms and treatment areas.  My machine is called the “Trilogy”.

That made me smile.  After all, I’ve written enough of them.


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