a monday in september

Just some notes on what’s going on here.  In no particular order.

My skin is healing, but I am still unable to get dressed and leave the house or see anyone.  But the pain has lessened and my spirits are higher.  I have some new medication for the pain and it helps me sleep.

I’ve learned I can accomplish something for about two hours a day and then I have to get on the couch, put my feet up and rest.  This is quite the boring lifestyle.


At this rate this new quilt won’t be finished until 2020.

Harley Chick delivered squash soup, fresh bread and a pair of pumpkin socks to me Saturday.  I was not able to get dressed to say hello, but the gifts were much appreciated.  Squash soup is an all-time favorite.


Love this soap!  Sent by my daughter-in-law, it is wonderfully soothing for aggravated (and radiated) skin:


We are devastated by Nebraska’s overtime loss to Colorado on Saturday.  We thought we were going to have a pretty good offense this season, but we don’t.  We are all sad.


Oh, Scott.  What the heck is happening????

Son Will is hiking in Zion for several days, along with an overnight in Las Vegas, as part of a bachelor party getaway.  Of course, after having seen the movie HANGOVER two times, we cautioned him against stealing Mike Tyson’s tiger and entering wedding chapels with prostitutes.

Oh, how funny are the old folks!!

Watching this reality tv show on Bravo has gotten me through this summer from hell.  Banjo Man can’t remember the name of it and calls it “Deep Water”.  I am endlessly fascinated.MV5BZGRiNDVjNDAtZTk4Zi00Mjk4LTlhYzEtZmNmMWFmYWU2NzE2XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTQxNzMzNDI@._V1_

There are multiple seasons, plus a spin off (BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN with Captain Sandy.  Luckily there were several marathons on Bravo and I was able to DVR about 54 episodes.  Not kidding.

I love Captain Lee.  He doesn’t put up with any nonsense from the crew.  Imagine a world where bad behavior = consequences!


Captain Lee and Kate, who produce a lot of hysterical one-liners.

Banjo Man is painting the basement floor.  This is a huge job, but he is thrilled to have a project for the weekends.  And it is looking good!  We combined five cans of old white/cream paint into one huge bucket.  No trip to Home Depot to buy new paint!  Hurray!

Next week he’ll fly to his 60th high school reunion in Nebraska.  How did we get this old?  He’ll have such a good time, as his siblings will gather for a little mini-reunion on the same weekend.

I’m staying home, which is a good place for me to be.  But I expect to feel a lot better–dare I say back to normal?–by then.

Lastly, here’s another meme from my friend Pat:




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