home alone

Banjo Man is partying in Nebraska this weekend, so I am home alone and, I will admit, have felt a bit lonesome since his Wednesday morning departure.  I am used to his chatter.  He cleans up the kitchen and takes out the garbage and drives me places and goes grocery shopping and fixes fruit snacks and assures me five times a day that I look better.

You can understand why the man needed a vacation.

But today I am luxuriating in the silence and pondering the possibilities of long weekend of puttering with my various sewing projects and eating chicken salad sandwiches.   So I am content.

I am making a couple of reversible Halloween banners to give to my two favorite young mothers.  I saw one of these at the Sew Expo and had to make it.


I’ve had a wonderful time figuring out how to do this.  Trial and error with pinking shears (once I found them)!  And what to use for the inside?  Lightweight interfacing, batting or heavy fusible interfacing?  I tried each one.  The heavy fusible won.  I tore apart my sewing closet to find the various options, which was another fun thing to do.  Driving the car still hurts so I ordered seam binding on Amazon when I normally would just drive down to Walmart (I am saving all of my driving energy for picking up Banjo Man at the airport Monday night).

Today Amazon is delivering new HDMI cords (I called Verizon Fios to replace my SD boxes and was informed they no longer have such dinosaur-like things so I had to go get HD boxes and somehow I ended up with a new router, a $200 Visa gift card and a cheaper “bundle” price, but please don’t ask me to explain how) so I can set up the new tv’s and a standing floor lamp to replace my 25 year old bedroom wall lamp that finally died on Thursday.

Phew.  That was a long sentence.

I’ve learned to do brainy things in the morning because things fall apart after 2 PM.  I’ve been assured that this is pretty typical after radiation, that it takes quite a while for the body to heal itself no matter how much I complain.

It is a beautiful day.  This is supposed to be the last warm (80’s) weekend of the summer.  I just picked a couple of dozen cherry tomatoes and one beautiful zucchini from our mini-garden.  I fed the chipmunks and turned on ESPN’s College Game Day and made another mug of coffee.

Bring on the weekend!  


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