new recipes and old friends


Banjo Man and My French Friend Janou made dinner together.  It was a beef soup of some kind and there were many differences of opinion as to what should go into the pot.  So it was a rather hilarious thing to listen to from my spot on the couch.

I was so glad I was on the other side of the room and not remotely involved.  Hey, I wasn’t even going to eat it!  Since my No More Cancer medication I’d lost my appetite for beef.  Give me a piece of cheese for dinner and I’m happy.

Yesterday Janou and I headed up to Providence for my ultrasound, which came out just fine but took forever.  And then we stopped at Denny’s for a very late breakfast on the way home.  Janou loved Denny’s.

Everyone loves Denny’s.

It was raining.  I took a nap when we arrived home.  And a few hours later Banjo Man and Janou were in the kitchen together.

Yes, it was hilarious.

Tonight Banjo Man is making scallop salad and baking salmon.  I know Janou will help him.  They will have a good time.

And I will be on the couch.  I have more energy during the day but after about 4 pm I’m pretty much done and ready to put my feet up.

I don’t think anyone misses me in the kitchen.



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2 Responses to new recipes and old friends

  1. Ellie says:

    Kristine, you are so lucky to have two master chefs in your kitchen! Sit back and enjoy every taste and antic those two can muster up! Friendship and love is the best medicine along with some giggles!

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