the wintry mix


Yesterday afternoon’s view from the office as the storm began.

Okay, I get it:  it’s winter.


So far we’ve had snow, sleet and rain.  And lots of wind.  The forecast is for a few inches of snow this afternoon and tonight and into tomorrow morning.

Pretty puny storm compared with the western part of the United States.  Here on the coast we get a lot of those “wintry mix” forecasts from the weathermen.

So this is Cyber Monday and I have a gazillion emails in the inbox this morning from companies wanting me to order something–anything–at 20-40% off.  From quilting fabric (which I have too much of) to CBD creams (which I have never ordered online) to Michael’s (a coupon a day until the end of time) to…Kohl’s.

Now Banjo Man is fascinated with Kohl’s.  Early last week I had a “40% off everything” coupon emailed to me, plus I had $30 in Kohl’s Cash that had to be used.  So I asked Banjo Man if he needed anything at Kohl’s before my $30 expired.  His face lit up.

“I could use a couple of turtlenecks,” he crowed.  “I’ll drive you!”

(I love it when he says that.  I can spend my limited energy on driving OR shopping, but doing both is exhausting unless it’s first thing in the morning when I’m exceptionally peppy.)

So as soon as his work day was over, off we went.  First stop was Home Depot to check on something to do with wood (I have no idea what–I zoned out and waited in the car) and then to an Italian grocery store a client had told him about–I zoned out and bought a cookie–and finally to Kohl’s.

We split up, as I was looking for a skinny down vest and doing a little Christmas shopping.  I found my vest right away (on sale of course from $70 to $29.99) and ended up agonizing over buying a robe for my mother.  I texted pictures of the robes to my daughter for her opinion and then I broke into a sweat, because my mother is notorious for not liking anything.  I had already purchased four white turtlenecks for her (she likes those) so I gave up on buying a robe and went to find Banjo Man.

He stood at the end of an aisle, a bunch of clothes in his arms, a sheepish expression on his face.  He loves clothes.

The guy at the register was amazed at my 40% off coupon when I pulled out my phone and showed it to him.  Our haul of a down vest, three sweaters and three turtlenecks ended up costing $53.  As I explained to an incredulous Banjo Man, if you took out my $30 vest, his new clothes cost $23.

So last night on the couch he saw a 20% ad for Kohl’s plus Kohl’s Cash Back ($15 for every $50 spent) and started doing the math.  I added that I had $15 Kohl’s Cash and a $10 coupon, which just about sent him over the edge.  Visions of sweaters and kitchen appliances danced in his head.

“This means if we spent $100 it would only cost us $25.”

I pointed towards the front windows where the sleet was hitting.

“We are not going anywhere tomorrow,” I said.  “Do you hear the wind?  Have you looked outside?  Haven’t you heard about the wintry mix?”

Oh, the disappointment!  He’ll just have to put on a new turtleneck and a new sweater and let the last of the Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday pass him by.

Stay warm, everyone!







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