lovin’ the gumbo

When you need a bit of a break from winter.


Flying into New Orleans.

When you need holiday spirit.


View of very quiet Bourbon Street from our hotel bar.


When your best caregiver and cheerleader gets hungry.


First stop:  Coop’s.

When you need music every day.


Jazz brunch at Court of Two Sisters.

We spent part of Tuesday afternoon  at the Jazz Park for a fabulous history of New Orleans jazz pianists.  Richard Scott played and sang for over an hour.  Banjo Man bought his new CD (he owns all the others).  He has been to Fritzel’s every night for jazz.

I am rationing my steps and resting when I need to.  Our first day here, when our room wasn’t going to be ready until 4:00 and we had spent much of the day sightseeing and eating gumbo, we found a quiet corner in the hotel bar and I took a lovely nap on the couch!

And that’s the way I roll.

I have eaten gumbo in three different restaurants.  I liked them all but I like mine better.

In about an hour we are taking a three hour, hands on cooking class.  And what will we cook?  Gumbo, BBQ shrimp, grits and banana foster crepes.  I cannot wait to pick up some gumbo tips!!!  Banjo Man is almost delirious with anticipation.  How he would love to be able to create a masterpiece of a meal!

I’ll let you know how that works out.


Eggs Benedict with fried oysters for breakfast.



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2 Responses to lovin’ the gumbo

  1. Marge Fridrich says:


  2. Ellie says:

    OMG! Glen looks like the happiest guy around! Have fun you two!

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