christmas eve 2019

Merry Christmas, y’all!

We are in Austin and loving our quiet holiday week with the Texas members of the family.

As I write this Banjo Man is chopping the onions, green peppers and celery for Thursday’s gumbo.  Son Will is wrapping gifts and I am patiently for someone to join me in a walk to Torchys for a taco lunch.

We are skipping our usual evening of music and shopping at the Armadillo Bazaar tonight.  I think we will stay home, eat shrimp and watch a movie.  It’s that kind of Christmas.

The Funny Grandson was here from Friday to Monday, so we had a riotously good time.  I brought a Christmas movie, DIE HARD, which thrilled him no end.  There was Shepherds Pie, root beer floats and football.

I am so grateful and happy to be here.  Seven months ago it didn’t seem remotely possible, but here we are and I am overcome with joy.

We didn’t send cards this year.  So I am wishing you all, dear friends and family and readers, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2020.

Hug everyone you love at least twenty times!!


More Pie and Banjo Man






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