the color purple

Almost everyone I know is hurting:  hips and knees and backs and everything in between.

So consider this a public service announcement, because this solution never appeared on my Google searches regarding sciatica.

What solution, you ask.  A new mattress!!!!

I’ve been suffering with leg pain for months.  Twice-weekly physical therapy didn’t help much, though the therapists did their best and I did all the daily recommended stretches.

And then we went away.  The Bourbon Orleans had a lovely, comfy bed.  My leg pain improved…a lot.  I assumed that was because I was walking more, even though my doctor had advised me to take it easy.  The pain was almost gone by the time we hit Austin.  I still limped a little in the morning but I wasn’t hanging onto chairs and balancing against walls to get to the coffee pot in the morning.

After two weeks we returned home and I crawled back into my familiar bed and sighed with relief that we were home safe and sound.  And the next morning?  The pain had returned with a vengeance.  What could be the problem?  I gave it a lot of thought until that light bulb moment:  the mattress!!!

But our mattress was relatively new, I assured Banjo Man.  He was unconvinced.  And then I remembered we’d bought it…twenty years ago.

“We’d better go shopping,” he said.

Shopping???  Whoa, there!  I had to do research first!  As in googling, “best mattress for sciatica”.

After seventeen hours I narrowed it down to the weird Purple mattress and several “memory foam” manufacturers.  Off we went to lie down on about twenty mattresses.  I would be crippled by the time we left the Mattress Firm, but we’d agreed that the Purple mattress–whose specialty was relieving “pressure points”–felt the best by far.

Banjo Man grumbled incessantly about memory foam.  It was quite amusing…the first fifteen minutes.  I admitted that memory foam could take a bit of getting used to, but it was supposed to be good for painful parts of one’s body.

The Purple mattress will be delivered tomorrow.  I will have 120 days to decide if it works or I want my money back.   In the meantime I’m sleeping in the basement where the mattresses are younger.

I’ll keep you posted.







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