meet the parents



Meet “The Squatleys”, otherwise known as my parents, Don and Ottis.  My father, someone always ready for a laugh–and a good time with the family– is dressed as Mrs. Squatley.

I invented the Squatley Dinner one Father’s Day.  We had recently moved into our house, there were piles of dirt in the back yard, and life was chaotic.  Banjo Man would make burgers on the new grille and we would have a simple celebration before and after some basic landscaping chores.  I invited my parents to walk over for the meal, but I warned them it would not be fancy.  In fact, it would be the opposite.  Our clothes would be dirty, the potato chips would be served out of the bag, we would eat outside on the steps, everyone would help themselves and chaos was a given.

It turned out to be great fun, so a new tradition was born.

The next time I announced a Squatley dinner–which meant a totally casual and last minute gathering–my father was ready and showed up in his Mrs. Squatley outfit.


No one loved to laugh more than my father!  And how we miss him.


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  1. Phyllis Nolan says:

    So timely to receive this today. My Spanish class presentation yesterday was about Don’s Mexican cartel novels. A classmate asked how you two grew up. I told them about your amazing Dad and how he always challenged you with fun things to do. Surely that was a part of yours and Don’s incredible imaginations. Thanks for the sweet photos and the reminder of your Dad.

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