chasing the edge

#1 Son Ben has released his first cd!

chasing the edge large

This has been a lifelong dream and a labor of love.

We are so proud.

You can go to You Tube’s music channel and search for “Ben Rolofson” to preview the songs.

Check out “Rosemary’s Guitar”.  Dancing Mandolin Player and I intend to play it together this summer.  (What do you say, Retired Mountain Lady?)


And then there’s the one that makes me cry:

Several of Austin’s top musicians contributed to this project, Scrappy Judd Newcombe and Warren Hood among them.

Ben was so honored.

If you want to download the cd you can go to:

Hard copies will be available to order next week.  They will be available at Waterloo Records in Austin or you can order them online.  I’ll have some available to purchase in another week or so.  As will Ben.

As soon as I get more information I’ll let you know.

Should we have a launch party at the lake?  What do you think? 



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6 Responses to chasing the edge

  1. Harley Chick says:

    Love it! What a voice and message! Congratulations! Harley Chick

  2. Ellie says:

    Listening to Ben’s CD yesterday brought tears of joy. I can see him so clearly in your house at Hope, Ben was probably 10 or 11, stating right then that he was going to be a rick and roll musician! His vision and dream has come to pass, he is a respected musician in Austin, Texas!
    So happy for Ben, great accomplishment and awesome songs! We,definitely, need a launching party for Ben in Hope this summer. This is where his dream began!

  3. Connie Burkhart says:

    I”m in! I sent a message to Ben last night and he’s mailing me a CD. So awesome that he’s recorded a CD. Rosemary’s Guitar is aa great song.

  4. Ann Wimberley says:

    Congratulations! You must be really proud of him Glad to be back home from our Mayo trip. Looking forward to seeing you this summer.

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