easter 2020

Last Easter seems so very, very long ago.  Here we are celebrating together at Ken and Ginny’s in 2019.


Ken showing Mom a picture on his phone.


Ginny’s Easter cake.


Oh, the food!!!


Such a gorgeous table.

That Easter morning I discovered I had a problem…and it was probably breast cancer.

Oh, what a year!

But I survived.  My mother is now in a nursing home and suffering with dementia.  Sometimes she doesn’t know who I am.  But sometimes–while we are Face Timing on the phone–she does know me…and those minutes are precious.

And who could have predicted that the country would be in self-quarantine this Easter?

This morning is sunny, though only 30 degrees.  We have defrosted a bag of pulled pork and a container of baked beans.  I will make coleslaw.  We’ll make a stab at fixing some kind of Easter meal.  I will miss our friends and all of the “what have you been doing all winter” conversations.

Instead we will watch Andrea Bocelli’s concert on YouTube at 1 PM.  And then we will drive to Walmart for our scheduled 3:00 PM “grocery pick up” time.  Just the two of us.  Wearing masks and gloves.

I have decorated my fireplace hearth with Easter eggs and forsythia.  There are daffodils blooming outside.  It’s a different, strange Easter but it’s still Spring.  And one more step closer to summer.

Stay safe.






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1 Response to easter 2020

  1. Phyllis says:

    And a Happy Easter to you too. We’ll survive this, and will look back on it…wondering how we all did it.

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