view from walmart


As we waited in our designated pick-up spot on the side of Walmart yesterday, we watched about fifteen seagulls fight over a slab of mystery meat.  Was it a mouse?  Something that dropped out of a grocery bag?  It didn’t matter.  We were watching Seagull Soccer and Banjo Man was highly entertained (the above photo was taken befire the game started).

I now have the Walmart Grocery app on my phone.  After I pressed the “On My Way” bar, it tracked the progress of my car via a map.

Such is the world now.

The process went smoothly.  All of the cars that were parked in their numbered spots had their trunks or back doors opened and waiting, like baby birds in a nest.  When it was our turn a young man (not wearing a mask–go figure) approached the car and asked for our name.  Then he disappeared into the store and returned with a cart loaded with our groceries.  There was no way to tip him, unfortunately.  I realized too late I should have left a tip envelope in the back.  Next time I’ll know.

They were out of yogurt and toilet paper, so we didn’t get our full order.  But somehow we ended up with thirty lemons.  Banjo Man suggested I make lemon chicken.  I told him we had no chicken.  In the process of trying to use what we already had in the freezer and in the pantry, we finished up all of the packages of chicken breasts.

If you have a recipe for lemon beans, please let me know.


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2 Responses to view from walmart

  1. Phyllils says:

    Epicurious had a recipe for lemon upside down cake…I didn’t jump on it!

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