a wrinkle in time

Yesterday afternoon’s conversation:

Banjo Man:  I’m going to town to the Post Office.  Do you want to ride along?

Me:  Mmmm…no, ’cause then I’d have to brush my hair.

We are in Week 9 of isolation.  Self-care has hit a new low.  This morning I wrote “shower” on my To Do list.

Last night’s conversation:

We were watching a ridiculous Bachelor spin-off called “Listen To Your Heart”.  One of the young female contestants has a habit of wrinkling her nose when she smiles and she was smiling a lot.

Banjo Man:  I think I’ll start wrinkling my nose like that.

Me:  That would be a pretty big wrinkle.

We spent the next two hours wrinkling our noses at each other and laughing uproariously.

pug nose wrinkles




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2 Responses to a wrinkle in time

  1. Tom F says:

    This nose stuff tells me things are really getting slow back there in Rhode Island!

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