getting out of the house


Waiting for the physical therapist.

I have no idea why I thought taking this picture was a good idea, but I do feel like I’m losing my mind and maybe this is proof.

It was good to get out of the house this chilly, sunny morning.  After 45 minutes of torture at the hands of Sherri, the cheerful physical therapist, I swung by Panera Bread for a salad, which was placed through the open window of my car by a masked employee.

These are weird times.

Banjo Man and I still discuss whether we should fly or drive the 3000 miles to the lake.  I have read all of the precautions and new protocols from Southwest and they certainly sound reasonable and safe.  Everyone has to wear a mask.  The middle rows of seats will be empty.  No food or drinks will be served.  The air in the cabin is mixed with outdoor air and changes every three minutes, plus the filters are the kind used in hospitals.  I love to fly Southwest and I trust them.

And we would only have to travel for one, long day.

Then again, driving would mean that everything would be in our control.  I’ve read the new cleaning policies for the Hampton Inns and they sound excellent.  We would wipe down the faucets and remote, etc. in the room and would bring in our own blankets (Banjo Man doesn’t trust the duvet covers), but otherwise I think it should be totally fine to stay in hotels along the way.  We could take advantage of fast food drive up windows (hello,  Wendy’s chili!), Subway and restaurants with outdoor seating.  We’d have a cooler with fruit, etc.  It could work.

My therapist isn’t so sure I should spend 7 days in a car, but she brightened when I said I would spend an hour or two in a hotel pool each evening.  There’s no evidence that the virus is spread in swimming pools.  Hurray for chlorine!

So we will keep discussing the pros and cons.  Feel free to chime in.

And tell me, have you taken any pictures of yourself wearing a mask?  You know, for the photo album as a way to remember 2020?

How could we ever forget…



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