a good friday


I would never have called myself a big shopper, but when I saw this sign on Marshall’s windows I couldn’t wait to find a parking space and go inside.  It was very exciting!

I had just come from physical therapy and my hip was aching, but nothing was going to stop me from putting on my mask, taking a sanitized cart and following the “one way” arrows painted on the floor.  There was no line.  It wasn’t crowded.  Everyone in there was happy, or at least seemed content (how do you describe someone as “happy” when you can’t see the smile behind the mask?).

I bought three tops, two jars a fig jam and three pairs of socks.  The check-out line was long, but it moved fairly quickly.

The dressing room was closed, so I have my receipt just in case.

Now it’s time for a nap.

What’s open in your world?


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2 Responses to a good friday

  1. maymemorrison@juno.com says:

    Hi Kristine,I too ventured out today. Went to Rose Shack at 8am to get plants for my window boxes. Then on to Home Depot for grilling supplies and more flowers. I felt like such a big girl!!

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