going to town


Yesterday was a mental health day.

  •  It started out with a visit to see the physical therapist, who was unusually chatty and cheerful as she stuck needles in my hip.  She wants the recipe for my pork tenderloin balsamic glaze.
  • Marshall’s was open and I donned my mask and limped across the parking lot to go inside and see for myself that the world hadn’t actually come to an end.  Everything was on sale.  This was my first venture into a public place since March 13.  I haven’t been to the grocery store or even the Post Office or CVS.  It was absolutely lovely to be around people.  Everyone wore masks, the carts were sanitized, everyone politely self-distanced and there were “one way” arrows painted on the floor of the main aisles.  Piece of cake!
  • We had tickets to visit Wicked Tulips and pick up two bouquets.
  • We had a combo lunch/dinner at Wendy’s.  Banjo Man is finally beginning to master the art of the drive-up window, no easy feat for him.
  • I had a curbside pick-up order at Kohl’s, which was open for business!  I actually went inside and roamed around for a few minutes, just because I could.
  • Last but not least, we stopped for a Social Distancing Cocktail with Ruth and Kenny.  We admired their new garden planters (incredibly gorgeous) and luxuriated in face-to-face communication.   And yes, there was tequila.
  • On the way home Banjo Man stopped at a local supermarket to scoop up a couple of lobsters (on sale) and ice cream, the two basic food groups here in New England.

There are no adventures planned for the long weekend.  Unpacking the summer clothes (still not needed here in RI) and cleaning up the storage room are on my agenda, as are laundry and paperwork.  The fog is thick outside my window.

Two beaches open on Monday, but we’ll stay away from the crowds and go for a walk another day.  There are no events planned at the Veteran’s cemetery, which is sad.

If you’re planning an adventure this weekend, stay safe and enjoy yourself!



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