and covid continues

Last Saturday afternoon we took George to Spokane, as he was going to spend the night near the airport and catch an early flight out the next morning.

On the way home we stopped at Kohl’s because I remembered I had a 30% off coupon, just in case anyone needed anything.  Well, the guys decided they needed boots and sneakers.  They wore masks, the store was fairly empty and we weren’t in there very long.  That was in Washington.

When we reached Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, we decided to grab something to eat.  Our choices boiled down to Taco Bell (drive thru) and a favorite pizza place (eat in the car).  After looking online at the flatbread menu at the pizza restaurant we decided to do that.  The parking lot was packed with cars, which was a surprise.  I went inside to order (it was so difficult to do by phone that we totally gave up) and was shocked to see that the place was filled with people.

The large restaurant was full, couples and families were waiting for tables, and the only people wearing masks were the servers.

It was pretty unnerving, especially after months of self-distancing and the occasional take-out meal.

I ordered and then escaped back to the car to wait.  When I retrieved our little pizzas the place was even busier.  It seemed so very strange, as if I’d entered a foreign country.

In the past week our county has been hit with the virus.  Visitors from out of town are descending on Sandpoint to enjoy the restaurants and bars and shops, but they have brought the virus with them.

So we are very happy to be in our quiet little cocoon here at the lake.  The guys have quarantined for two weeks and are, thankfully, healthy.

And they want to stay that way.

Campfires, kayaking, arrowhead-hunting, fishing and swimming are all part of our summer.  And Covid doesn’t affect any of that!

sunset 1

The view on our way home from Spokane.



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