cleaning up the beach


Will working on the fire.  The assortment of rocks in the top right corner will be part of a new shaded patio.

We’ve spent quite a few evenings on the beach lately.  There is always plenty to burn and we love campfires.

We need to enjoy them now in case the fire danger ramps up later in the summer and puts a stop to outdoor burning.


We’ve had a few warm evenings, but many more cool ones.
Whatever the weather, Banjo Man and Will burn driftwood and I sit nearby and enjoy the fire.

My job is to give out compliments.

This is what you do when there is no television.  We do have streaming capability, but we have only used it once, when we watched an awful movie, THE HOSTILES, and even had popcorn.  Most evenings  we are happy to play a few rounds of Canasta and go to bed early.

Oh, the excitement!

We are saving the marshmallows for the Funny Grandson, whose arrival we expect will liven things up around here.

The beach will be ready for visitors.



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