saturday night at the beach with will


There must be an arrowhead in there somewhere.

Will took his shovel and dug a hole for me in which to search for arrowheads and the flakes and chips from arrowheads (I did not find any).

It had been a very hot day and there had been some humidity, too, so after a quick morning trip to town to pick up hamburger at Wood’s Meats, we came home to stay inside with the AC.  I took a nap and later on Banjo Man ventured out to hear some live music at the local market across the bay.

Will came up the hill later on to tell me that the humidity was gone and the temps were down and it was okay to step outside.


So I did.

The three of us spend our evenings hanging out on the beach.  We swim.  We dig.  We burn a little driftwood.  We admire the sunset and watch the boats go out and come in.  When the bats come out we head indoors to play cards and eat pie.

And so goes the Summer of 2020…



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1 Response to saturday night at the beach with will

  1. Ruth Gobeille says:

    Sounds like Heaven to me!!!

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