it’s that time again

Last Thursday the Elberta peaches arrived at the Peach Man.  I’d checked the Facebook page and knew they’d–finally–be in town.  So I was there at the tent at 8:45, just in case Mike the Peach Man opened early.  And he had.

I wasn’t going to buy a whole box.  But I couldn’t resist when I saw the stacks of boxes.  And then, after I picked out a bag of plums and a bag of sweet corn, I asked for another box of peaches.

There was no way I could walk out of there knowing that it would be another year before I would buy a box of such luscious peaches again.  Two boxes of peaches sat in the back of the Highlander!  An embarrassment of riches.

So far I’ve made two peach cobblers (different recipes) and a peach quick bread.  Today I might summon enough energy to make a pie.  Or at least a galette.  And we’re eating bowls of freshly sliced peaches with homemade ice cream whenever the mood strikes us.

Our Labor Day weekend will be quiet, as so many weekends have been.  But the weather is perfect for long afternoons on the beach, reading on the patio or napping on the dock.  Last night we made our own pizzas using flat breads and the grill.  Tonight I’m going to stuff zucchini’s and tomorrow Banjo Man is planning a Taco Extravaganza.

On Monday the guys will be up at the cabin preparing for the work that will start there on Tuesday.  New roof!  New porch!  A plan to thwart mosquitoes!

Banjo Man’s heart beats faster just thinking about it.  Just like mine does when I see boxes of peaches.



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