another holiday bites the dust

Covid strikes again.

I type this with a weary sigh. 

For thirty-two years we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving with our family, family friends and extended family members.  For the past two years we’ve had four generations gathered around the four tables.

I cannot even describe how much fun it was.

We’ll see you in 2021!

Last weekend we all sadly decided to skip the festivities.  There would have been only seven of us (the “senior” guests, along with daughter Nancy), but we all knew it was safer to stay home as the virus surges in Rhode Island and hospital beds are once again filling up.

Yesterday the governor laid out more restrictions, including advising (begging) people to stay home for Thanksgiving and to limit the celebration to the people who live in the house with you.


I’ve been prepared for the worst for some time now.  Weeks ago I went to Aldi’s and bought a frozen turkey breast, a little frozen squash casserole, a pumpkin cheesecake, a pumpkin pie, and a couple of those Bob Evans mashed potato containers.

There will be gravy.  

Banjo Man and I will not go hungry, but it’s going to be hard.  Thanksgiving is the best “food” holiday by far and this year I had so looked forward to being with the people who hadn’t been allowed to attend my mother’s funeral due to the painful five-person limit last April.

I had intended to drink wine and hug everyone.  But that will have to wait until Easter, when we–filled with Covid vaccines–plan to gather at last.

In the meantime?  I am grateful for those scientists who have worked so hard to develop vaccines.  We should all say a collective “thank you” to everyone in the laboratories.

And to everyone in the healthcare industry who have kept all of us and our loved ones safe?  My heart is full of gratitude.

And now?  A new recipe.  I can’t wait to try it next Thursday morning because you know that crock pots make me happy.


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2 Responses to another holiday bites the dust

  1. Phyllis says:

    Thanksgiving will be different for us too. Friends who invited us a few weeks ago have since declined, and I am just as happy. Actually, I called the golf club that makes really good TG carryout and ordered dinner for four. Didn’t tell them that the two of us just wanted plenty of leftovers! It will be only the second time Ron and I have had Thanksgiving by ourselves…the other due to some horrible snow storm. It doesn’t really seem half bad this year, especially with just getting back on my feet. Enjoy each other and the dreams of Thanksgivings past and future. They will be back. Love to you both.

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