recycling treasures

This might not look like a treasure, but it really is.  All handsewn, it has wonderful 1930’s fabrics to admire.

I like to buy old quilt tops with patterns I would never make myself.  This quilt top, found in a vintage store in Austin, is certainly one of those.

And I love looking at all of the fabrics.

Unfortunately, this was–at one time–loosely handstitched to a batting and backing.  Someone dismantled it and left a gazillion thick green threads behind.  I pluck them out with tweezers and will be doing that this week while watching a lot of television.

(Speaking of television, we’re in the middle of a new mystery series from New Zealand called “The Sounds”.)

Btw, it’s very strange not having anything to do to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner.  Hence the extra hours for sewing projects.

It’s a great way to keep busy, but I’d rather be making a spinach casserole, cooking up a vat of cream cheese potatoes, and selecting china for the tables.

I retrieved this quilt top and two others from a basement bin marked “Old Quilts”.  I’d always intended to finish each one.  And I don’t even know how long they have been sitting on a basement shelf.

And now?  Covid.  Quilting keeps me relatively sane.  And the fact that I am emptying plastic containers makes Banjo Man delirious with joy, despite my having insisted he stay home and no longer grocery shop.  He doesn’t mind that he can’t use the kitchen island (there is always a quilt top spread over it) or that most nights he is on his own for dinner (although I did make a shrimp corn chowder yesterday) because I find it hard to tear myself away from my sewing machine once I get going.

This is Day 5 on this project.  I’m praying I don’t run out of blue thread.


I think I made it in 2018, so it’s a relatively new finish for me.  It was a “mystery quilt” from Bonnie Hunter, so there are hundreds of pieces to outline with thread.

Happy Monday, everyone.  If you’re not cooking for Thanksgiving, what are you doing this week?



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2 Responses to recycling treasures

  1. Ellen Lessmann says:

    Love looking at your old fabrics. I made the same Bonnie Hunter, and cant decide how to quilt it. I really didn’t like mine when I finished it, so don’t want to invest too much time in the quilting.

    • I’m not crazy about it either. LOL! I’m doing stitch in the ditch and then quilting loops in the stars. I started making the border and nothing matched so I gave up on it. I have a very old wedding ring top soaking in the washing machine now. Hoping enough stains come out so I can justify the time and money to quilt it.

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