black friday week shopping?

How, in this time of Covid, are you shopping for Christmas?  I’d love to know.

I would like to say I am organized, but I would be telling a big fat lie.  There is a box next to my desk that holds the gifts I’ve bought.  Fortunately they are small.

One of these days I will empty the box and log the contents to see what I have purchased so far.

A few weeks ago (before the latest surge in infections) I went to a handful of brick-and-mortar stores and picked up some pretty darn good presents.  And now I am ordering online.  Kohl’s sends me two emails every day to announce sales and coupons and Kohl’s cash back, so this morning I succumbed yet again and bought myself an air fryer.

It was originally $119.00, but the sale meant that it was $50.00.  Plus I had almost $9 in Kohl’s cash to use, and yet another coupon.  Oh, the joy!  I never wanted an air fryer until I fried Chinese pot stickers on the stove last month and then had to spend the next morning cleaning oil splatters off everything within a four-foot range of the stove burner.

I think my daughter-in-law would love cooking dinner in one of these, but I’m not sure if she would agree.  Honestly, I can’t wait to try it.  Air fryers for everyone!!!

I also ordered myself a Sherpa-lined UGG blanket.  The aggravating “fleece” blankets I bought last winter move all around the bed.  They fight with the other blankets.  I can no longer stand it…and winter is coming.

So now you know what I’ve bought myself for Christmas.

My sons love Amazon gift cards.  My grandson wants nothing but SCORE football cards.  Banjo Man wants a truck (hah!).  Amber and NancyK have yet to tell me, so I need to bug them.  I have ordered gifts from Bobbie Brown, Kohl’s, Amazon, and the John Prine store.

And what do I want?  To never, ever, EVER have to wear a mask again!

Otherwise I’m all set.  I will eat mess-free Chinese dumplings, snuggle under my new warm blanket and get through the winter.

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