some notes in december

Good morning.

It was 15 degrees here Friday morning.  That first mug of coffee tasted really good on such a cold winter day.  This morning I’m looking out my window at snow and ice.  Winter is here, for better or for worse.

Yesterday was my Great Uncle Mac’s birthday.  He would have been 122.  I always called him on his birthday and, with long-distance phone calls being so expensive back in the 70’s and 80’s, my Great Aunt Laurabelle would insist he cut the conversation short in order to save me money.  My protests would earn us a minute or two more, but Aunt Laurabelle always prevailed.

I came across a box of his letters the other day.  He always typed them and only used half of a sheet of paper (and cut the bottom half off for a future letter).

Have you mailed anything this Christmas?  I read that the postal system is gridlocked.  It’s a perfect storm of delays:  shorthanded due to Covid, the huge snow storm last week and the massive amount of boxes being shipped (online shopping, presents to family, etc).

I mailed boxes to Texas on the 11th but tracking shows they were spotted on the 15th but nothing more.  This could take a while!

If you’ve ordered something online and it has arrived?  Count yourself lucky.  The days of two-day delivery from Amazon are pretty much over for now.

2020 strikes again!

What’s on tv, you ask?

MANHUNT:  DEADLY GAMES.  On Netflix.  A fascinating mini-series about Richard Jewell and Eric Rudolph (the real bomber).  This is season 2 of this show and we will be watching Season 1 (the Unabomber) in the future.

Also…MAGIC CITY, on STARZ.  It’s a mini-series set in 1959 Miami at the city’s most gorgeous hotel.  I’m not sure about this yet, so I’m not going to recommend it yet.  We’re in the middle of it and I’m finding the episodes a bit intense with all the Mafia stuff and bodies dumped in large bodies of water.  The clothes are absolutely gorgeous, as are most of the cast.

Last night CBS broadcast Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood live from their home studio.  They took requests and sang Christmas songs.  I was glued to the couch and even cried when Trisha sang “Oh Holy Night”.

I was so lucky to see her in person at a concert in Austin a few years ago.  And on my bucket list is going to a Garth Brooks concert.  Alas, live concerts will have to wait a while longer and tickets to Garth are few and far between.

But I have been a fan of his forever so the Christmas show last night was a very happy hour for me.  I recorded it and will watch it again tonight before episode 8 of MANHUNT.

My BELOW DECK addiction continues at 9 PM tonight, on Bravo.

And LIVING ALASKA, BUYING ALASKA and BUYING THE YUKON are always hard shows to resist.

VIRGIN RIVER on Netflix is one of my favorites.  I’m trying to make Season 2 last so I am not binging the episodes.  I read all the books in the series a few years ago.  Romance, drama and a small town?  Yes, please!

I’m also watching lots of cooking shows on the food channels.  I love the holiday shows that were filmed pre-Covid when the hosts are planning holiday parties for friends and family.

The 2020 versions, when everyone is on Zoom and someone holds up a chicken to show you how to season it, are just too annoying.  Give me the 2019 version so I can pretend to be entertaining my friends and family!

In case you think I spend my days on the couch in front of the tv, please know that I have a small tv in my office/sewing room from which I “watch” (aka listen to) shows as I turn quilt tops into quilts.

The name of the game is to keep busy until Covid is a thing of the past and we are free to live our lives again.

Thank goodness for cable tv, electricity and Banjo Man.



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1 Response to some notes in december

  1. Ruth Gobeille says:

    Oh my goodness you have been so very productive…finishing and making beautiful quilts!! You are amazing!

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