what’s new on the tree

No one had a better Saturday than Banjo Man.  He loves the tree.

He so happily hauled the boxes of Christmas decorations from the basement and decorated.  I stayed on the couch, but I supplied the history of every single ornament he held up to show me.

That, along with decorating the mantle, was my contribution for this Christmas’s nonexistent festivities.

So what’s new on the tree?

An anniversary ornament from Dancing Mandolin Player and her Boyfriend Bob:

And from Jeff and Angela, a touch of country music:

Willie Nelson.

Dolly Parton

My Christmas gifts have been purchased, wrapped and either tucked under the tree or shipped to Texas.  There is nothing else to do but think about making cinnamon rolls, which I haven’t done in 30 years.

It’s about time.

My grocery store was completely out of powdered sugar last week.  Does that mean everyone in RI is frosting Christmas cookies?

Daughter Nancy snagged me a few bags from another store on Tuesday, so I can now drizzle frosting on these fantasy cinnamon rolls.  I’m quite excited about it because I love making big messes with yeast and flour.

But that will happen next week.

For now I’ll sew.  And make soup.  And coffee cake.

And count the days ’til 2021.


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