a little joy

This was in my friend Pat’s email today.  I loved it and wanted to share.

I have been busy.  I accidentally tripled this recipe (don’t ask) and have enough cinnamon rolls for my entire town.  I finally gave up baking them and froze the rest of the dough.

It could be another 33 years before I do this again, so those of you who received them better make ’em last.

It was another stressful only-in-2020 week as we discovered Sunday that our propane supplier no longer understood the concept of “automatic delivery” and had missed filling our tanks in November and December.

They no longer believed in answering phone calls, replying to desperate emails, updating websites or even the sometimes helpful “chat” option.  I spent many hours on hold only to receive sympathy, apologies, promises and then…nothing.  Finally last night a driver called and said she’d come but if she didn’t like the condition of our driveway she wasn’t driving down to the house.

Apparently they had forgotten they’ve been delivering to us, via our driveway, for the past eighteen years.

(There had been that one incident on a very, very icy winter when the propane truck slipped and went into our pit and a huge crane had to be called and everyone was very intense and thought it was going to explode but that was very long ago and only happened one time.)

Banjo Man rushed out to meet her when the truck arrived around 8 PM last night.  He of course wanted to convince her that our driveway–which had been nicely plowed after last week’s storm–was fine.  Whatever he said and whatever she saw met with her approval and we now have full tanks.

Since we heat the house, heat the water and cook using gas,  you can imagine my stress level.  I envisioned draining all the water pipes and moving to the Hampton Inn–worst case scenario–if we lost heat, but learned they were booked with local college students until March.

So much for that escape plan.

But we are fine today and have happily turned our stoves back on and put our portable electric heaters in the closet.  There was plenty of gas with which to cook four or five hundred cinnamon rolls and tonight we will enjoy long hot showers.

Christmas Eve is certainly different this year.  But we’re pleased that daughter Nancy could join us for steaks tonight.  I’m going to experiment with onion rings in the air fryer.

Good times, even during 2020.

Merry Christmas, my friends!  I hope you are with someone you love tonight and all is well.




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