heading out of here

I’m packed and ready to go to Texas.  I’ve had my tickets for a few weeks but knew that anything could happen–and probably would–to change my plans from traveling to going back to the sewing machine.

But I get to go see my Texas family for a week.

With the blessings of my oncologist and my GP.

The three boxes of Christmas presents are still missing and are hopefully heading west and will arrive while I’m there.  Otherwise I’ll be shopping online in a few weeks and hoping that the postal service has caught up from the gridlock of the holidays.

One last thing:

Daughter Nancy received one of my quilts for Christmas.  I finished it just in time.

Your Christmas cards will be late!  Banjo Man has volunteered to get them to you.

Happy New Year!!!

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1 Response to heading out of here

  1. Patricia Coughlin says:

    Nancy’s quilt is gorgeous! What a perfect, lively mix of colors and patterns. Just looking at it makes me smile. You did a great job.

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