under the needle

This was yesterday, spent stitching lots of lines in the pale green background, along with outlining the fans.  Once again, a quilt top that is at least 14 years old.  I made three of them in different colors back then.

Here’s what kept me busy on Sunday:

Basting, basting and more basting.

This was Monday’s project:

Yep, you guessed it.  Another blast from the past.  This was my “learning how to paper piece” project, featuring center blocks of fussy-cut toile cherubs.

What was I thinking???

But it was Finish #7.  Out of 10.  I’ll take it.

And if you’re wondering how I keep my energy up…

Not just a sewing machine, but also a candy dish.


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4 Responses to under the needle

  1. Tom F says:

    What in the heck are “center blocks of fussy-cut toile cherubs”. You are going to have to dumb down your posts for me.

    • I love you, Tom. Center blocks are the middle of each square. Fussy cut is the term for cutting out a special flower or figure for the quilt and toile is a French-style fabric with scenery (or cherubs!) as the pattern. This pink quilt is bizarre and I don’t know what possessed me to use cherubs centered in every block. Did you ever make the cinnamon roll recipe?

  2. Ruth A Gobeille says:

    Amazing…I always knew you were creative, but turning a sewing machine into a candy dish??!! Let’s try turning water into wine!!!!! 🙂

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