snow day

No, not here.  In Texas!  Due to icy conditions after yesterday’s storm, school has been cancelled today.

The Funny Grandson called twice yesterday to keep us informed on the weather conditions in his front and back yards.

There was snow.  Several inches of it.  And it snowed almost all day.

Those of us who grew up with snowstorms, snow days, sledding, building snowmen and forts, and having snowball fights can understand the excitement of waking up to the first snow of the winter.

We couldn’t get outside fast enough, remember?

But if you are a ten-year old in central Texas, snow seems more of a miracle than an expected act of nature.  Yesterday the FG made his first snowballs and had his first snowball fight.  Oh, the joy!

When the snow first started. Photo by Amber.

I predicted a Snow Day, which made the FG’s excitement reach another level of anticipation.  I was half-joking of course, but central Texas does shut down if there is ice on the roads.  They simply don’t have the equipment to deal with it so everyone just stays home and waits for it to melt.

Still snowing and now it’s time to make snowballs. Photo by Amber.

I don’t know how long the storm continued, but my Texans made the most of it.

After all, you have to enjoy miracles when they happen.  And you just haven’t lived until someone stuffs snow down the back of your neck.




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