shot in the dark

Last night we drove north to CVS for Banjo Man’s Covid vaccine appointment.

Oh, happy day!

Our state is having a very hard time getting its act together, but last week I was able to secure an appointment by staying on the CVS website and constantly refreshing the vaccine page.  After a few hours I got lucky.

Banjo Man is feeling fine this morning.  We’re looking out the window at freezing rain and then another snowstorm on Thursday.

But it’s not as bad as it is in Texas.

Ben, Amber and the Funny Grandson have experienced temps of 1 degree.  They have no power and, despite keeping the faucets dripping, have frozen, broken pipes.  They do have a gas stove top so they can heat up food.  But of course there is no heat and it could be days before the electricity is restored.

All the roads are covered with ice (school was cancelled last Friday and remains closed), so Texans are pretty much trapped in place until Sunday’s warmer temperatures.

And Will?  He has no electricity, no heat and no cell phone (Verizon has been having problems).  I hope he still has water.  And I know he has a great sleeping bag.  But day after day of single-digit temps and no heat equal a very cold condo.  And there’s no way to drive anywhere, as the roads are covered in ice.

At least Will can walk to the grocery store, because he owns boots and cold weather gear.  Maybe he can find a hot cup of coffee somewhere.

I worry about my Texans.  This is a historic cold spell and is the Texas version of RI’s “Blizzard of ’78”.

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