beds, fog, spring and a meme

First the meme:

Yesterday morning we had the infamous Weather Watch.  Why, you ask?  Fog.  Yep, we were fogged in and you know what that means?  Spring!

It was all very exciting to look out the window.

Speaking of spring, yesterday afternoon I went out without wearing a coat or a vest or a sweater.  I have been looking for daffodils but no sign of them yet.  But I know they’re coming.

Today I’m going mattress shopping with my daughter.  I did this a few years ago with my mother, who was 90 at the time.  It was an interesting process.  The salesman had Mom try three different mattresses and then pick the one she liked.  The process continued, three at a time, until Mom was happy.  It was something like getting an eye exam–“This one or this one?” as the lenses are changed–and surprisingly painless.

And although my mother was rarely happy with her purchases–returning things to stores was her much-enjoyed hobby–the mattress stayed in her apartment.  Unlike the new recliner, whose return to the furniture store was a crisis and ended in tears (mine and the saleswoman’s).

Note:  I do not intend to cry at the furniture store this afternoon.

If time and energy permit, I’ll pick up my new cell phone, buy blueberries, birthday cards and butter.  And maybe Nancy and I will take a ride to Narragansett to see if the ocean is still there.

The joys of spring continue.

Lifeguard stands at Matunuck Beach await Memorial Day.

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