hail? huh?

Last Tuesday morning I woke up to this.

Hail.  Loud hail.  Pounding on the deck.

Banjo Man didn’t hear a thing, but I grabbed my phone and started taking pictures.

See the blue sky?  After the hail the rain came down and that is a good thing.  We are desperate for rain.  But by the end of this week the northwest will be in the middle of a historic heat wave.

I saw that 108 is forecast for Spokane on Sunday.

It could hit 100 here.  Several days in a row.  We’ve had heat waves before, but not this early in the summer.  This could be a very scary fire season.

The morning of the hail storm, Banjo Man and I planned to head to Spokane to do some shopping before picking up Will at the airport at 5 PM.  He texted at 10 and said he was delayed in Austin due to a massive computer shutdown at Southwest.

We packed overnight bags just in case he came in late at night.  We no longer drive home from Spokane at midnight because we are old.

We stopped at Kohls and I tried on clothes in the fitting room.

We also went to Home Goods and spent time browsing every single aisle.  I am looking for new silverware.  I am tired of my worn Ebay collection.  I found a lazy susan for the porch.  And new dinner plates.  Fourth of July dish towels.  Battery-operated candles.  Wine from the Wine Shop.

oh, the joy!

I like this pattern.


Will originally had a 3 hour layover in  Denver, which gave him some leeway.  He barely made the connection and his plane was only an hour and a half late getting in to Spokane.

We were so happy to see him.  Of course.  Let the summer partying begin!


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