signs of the times

Please be kind to those who showed up.

You’d think people would naturally be polite, especially in these times, but I guess not. I keep hearing horror stories about customers being mean to wait staff in local restaurants.

Here’s one sent by my sister-in-law in Kansas:

Fine vehicles and undertaking? This business covered it all.

Here is what I put on the oven last Thursday afternoon. And the guys did not turn the ovens on in time. (sigh)

Today is a rainy Saturday and everyone is very, very pleased about the rain. Fire danger has been lowered to “moderate” and, by the end of the weekend, could go lower.

Will is hoping to have a driftwood campfire on the beach before he leaves for Texas next week. I think the odds are good.

I am packing and cleaning and getting ready to head East with Banjo Man on the 29th. He is up at the cabin every day as he and Will finish up five months of construction and remodeling. Vada has been on site this past week and has engineered the installation of metal siding.

Banjo Man is thrilled. All the guys are.

Tonight is the annual Oktoberfest celebration at the Community Center. Banjo Man will be serving coleslaw, his favorite volunteer position. Wielding a serving spoon grants him the opportunity to meet and greet every single person at the event.

And that is a good thing.

Nebraska is playing Oklahoma right now. I can’t watch.

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