down at the marina

We ate dinner down here at the nearby floating restaurant (known as “The Floater”) last weekend. The four of us strolled along the pier and gawked at the boats after wolfing down a wonderful meal. Shrimp, fettucini, steak, pork chops–oh, boy!

The smoke from distant and not-so-distant fires had disappeared, resulting in a welcome sunset over the mountains.

So we took pictures.

The guys!
Two weeks ago! Big difference, don’t you think?

Last night Banjo Man brought home a Pizza Hut “Tastemaker” special, which was a large three-topping pizza for–wait for it–$10!

It was delicious because (a) I didn’t make it myself and (b) because it was delicious.

Tonight we will have what I call a Freezer Pantry Dump Crock Pot Soup: shredded chicken, fresh chili peppers, green enchilada sauce, corn, onions and whatever else I can find to add to the pot. As we are now less than a month away from closing down the house, I am in “empty the freezer and eat everything inside of it” mode.

It’s always a challenge.

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2 Responses to down at the marina

  1. Ruth says:

    Who is that gorgeous young man…oh…Will ….

    Hope you had a magnificent dinner and the view was wonderful!

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