there is always more pie

Wednesday was the day that Will and I headed to town for our annual Pie-Hut-And-Shopping afternoon.

First stop: Pie Hut. They offer a soup, salad and pie combo that is irresistible. Will had the peanut butter chocolate pie and I settled for a simpler chocolate cream.

Then it was on to the Antiques Marketplace for browsing. And Evans Brothers coffee for buying. And to Foster’s Crossing, another antiques store that’s good for roaming around.

While I finished cliimbing under a sewing cabinet to inspect it’s innards, I heard a southern accent as a man explained to the cashier, “I’m from Nashville. I love it here.”

Another man explained, “He’s a famous songwriter. He’s written hundreds of songs and a lot of hits.”

So I had to find out who it was, of course. The songwriter, a small, wiry man in his 60’s, was asking the woman behind the counter if she’d heard of the song, “I Love A Rainy Night.”

So I started singing the chorus. He laughed and came over to put his head against mine and sing the song with me.


Who was he, you ask? Even Stevens, he said introducing himself. He wrote for Conway Twitty and George Jones and Clint Black. He and Eddie Rabbit wrote over 900 songs together as writing partners.

And yes, he’s moving to Idaho. To build a house on the lake.

I love pie and I love a rainy night.

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3 Responses to there is always more pie

  1. Marge Fridrich says:

    My kind of making new friends. 👍

  2. Pat says:

    Sounds like a great day with Will. (Boy, is he handsome!). And how exciting to meet a Nashville song writer. The second I saw the song title I started singing it in my head. And now he’ll be an Idaho neighbor. Enjoy the last days of summer.

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