tuesday morning in kansas

We are moving slowly this morning. In an hour or two we will leave Garden City and head closer to Red Cloud, Nebraska where we will experience all things Willa Cather.

We’ve been touring an amazing part of the country. Yesterday Glen’ s clients arranged a tour of a family-owned farm that also has seed, manure, crop insurance and other businesses.

Our mouths were hanging open.

It has been really fun to be here.

And along the way Sunday? Well, there was this…

Goodland, Kansas and its 80-foot easel.

I didn’t tell Banjo Man where we were going. I thought he should be surprised.

He was.

We picked out a cafe just off I-70. The description on the website said turn right at Wheat Jesus.

Wheat Jesus?

He is rather gorgeous.

And now for the latest thing in hotel breakfasts:

You put your plate on the right side where the pancakes slide out like documents from a printer. Then you push the button. It takes a few minutes, but the two pancakes are tasty and the process isn’t as messy as the waffle maker.

A four year old girl and I were fascinated. I have gone out of my way to talk to or smile at the children we’ve seen on this trip. I worry about the social effects of Covid on the little ones, so I have chatted with the energetic boys in the pool and the kids in the breakfast rooms and a dear little boy in a Subway in Colorado. Eye contact, a smile and maybe even a wave make my day.

My white-haired grandmother persona helps a lot.

Now it is time for fresh coffee and a pancake, so I am going to get dressed and mosey on down the hall to the pancake machine. Oh, would the Funny Grandson love this!

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2 Responses to tuesday morning in kansas

  1. Marge Fridrich says:

    I love interacting with kids, also. All ages.

    Our mother had an aunt and uncle who lived in RedCloud at the time of Willa Cather. They had a daughter who was a little younger than Willa. As I recall, she could access Cather’s books from the library a bit before the public.
    I suspect the mother was one of EJ’s sisters.

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